Curriculam & Examination

Religious and Moral Education forms an integral part of the curriculum and prayers are conducted at School Assembly each day.

The school year is from April to March and is divided into 2 terms.

The medium of instruction will be both English and Hindi. Hindi is taught as a compulsory subject from class Nursery to VIlIth.

Monthly tests will be conducted during the year. Every academic subject will carry a maximum of 100 marks.

Private tuition are neither advised nor recommended.

Pupils are expected to appear for all tests as scheduled. In case of absence due to illness, a Doctor’s certificate will be required before the commencement of the tests. In such case, the pupil’s promotion will be based on the aggregate of the other two (not less) tests.

Non payment of fees may debar a child from appearing at these tests/examinations.

A child resorting to unfair means will be automatically failed in that examination.

Apart from these periodic test, there will be other opportunities for the assessment of your child. There will be the class assignments, projects and informal test. Parents are requested to encourage their child to take part in all the school activities.