Other Activity

All pupils are expected to participate in the game, physical education and SUPW programmes of the school. Children are also encouraged to take part in activities in and outside the school like Dramatics, Debates, Celebration of different festivals, Excursions, Flower Decoration, Alpna Work, Cultural Shows and Art & Craft Exhibitions. These activities are designed to develop qualities of leadership, sense of responsibility and a spirit of co-operation and service. The house system coordinates the various activities of the school.


Promotion is granted on the basis of the year’s performance for which a child’s regularity in attendance and work is compulsory.

A minimum of 75% attendance and work is compulsory.

1. There will be no re-test for absent children, for any reason.

2. Promotions are based on the students total effort.

To gain promotion a child must:

(a) Obtain 40% of the marks.

(b) Pass in English and Hindi Languages and Mathematics.

Should a child in classes Nursery to VI fails to achieve the required standard, the School’s advice to the parents will be that the child should repeat the class. Parents are asked to accept this for the good of their children. However, the final decision will be taken by the school committee.


Grading is divided into Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities as per C.B.S.E. norms.

If, during the year, the Principal considers it advisable to revert a child to a lower class, such action will be taken with the express consent, in writing, of the parents or guardian.

The total marks of the tests will be considered for merit awards. No student, who for any reason misses a terminal test, will be eligible fora merit award.

There will be no re-examination at any time in the year for any reason.

Parents should interview the Principal and meet the teacher whenever the class tests and terminal reports are unfavourable, not after the final examination. Answer scripts of the final examinations will not be shown to the parents.


A child’s place in school is subject to good behaviour and satisfactory work. The school expects its pupils to be obedient and courteous not only in school but outside as well. Any objectionable conduct reported either inside or outside the school, on the part of the pupils, makes them liable for disciplinary action.